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Mardi Gras

Our Mardi Gras party started with a Hurricane drink mixer (BYOB) and meeting up with friends.  Next, we had an indoor parade with a live jazz band (Lakes Area Community Band) marching with us, 8 floats, pom-pom girls, a kaleidoscope of butterflies, and a few other costumed marchers (one with a xylophone vest).  We listened to the superb Lake Area Band while we ate a dinner of fried chicken, red beans and rice, a corn muffin, honey butter and king cake complete with hidden plastic babies for good luck. We enjoyed the music a little longer with some dancers on the floor. You may wonder whether we can line dance to jazz music and the answer is yes, we can!  Then we announced the winners of the float contest, Sammy for the win with float 4 and Mary for second place with float 2.  All the floats received many votes and were very appreciated.  Magic Dave ended the evening with his wonderful and funny magic tricks.