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Busy Bees Quilt/Sewing Group

To all Quilters, Sewers and those interested in the Needle Arts.  Come by our "Studio" when Covid restrictions are lifted and look at the displays we have going on, changing every 2nd month.

On the left you see Erika Kovacs with Grandma's Flower Garden motif, a quilt designed to fit a daybed.  Next to her is Jeri Hoes with her beautiful Civil War (1865-68) quilt.  Below them is a Christmas quilt by Artist/Quilter, Barbara Kniaz.

Despite Covid restrictions, our Leisure Village Busy Bees were indeed busy.  Hundreds of masks were sewn, at their homes, or in the Quilt room while it was open.  They were distributed to their families, friends and charity.  Other items were table runners, purses and gift bags, sent through the NIQG, of which Erika is a member, to nursing homes and women's shelters.  A few samples can be seen in the photos.

We know that a number of ladies with treasure chests of quilts moved in the the Village during the last few years.  We would like to meet you and see some of your creations.  Maybe borrow some for our displays.

Would you be so nice to identify yourselves by calling Erika Kovacs or Dorothy Bouma.  Phone numbers are listed in the Village directory.

As you see, our Quilt/Sewing group has a name:  Busy Bees.  Come and join us.  Bring new and interesting ideas with you.  Maybe lead a class!

When the recreation center is not closed due to the pandemic, we meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.  Or anytime you call us.