Social Commission

Social Office Hours:

Summer Hours
Fridays-1:00-3:00 p.m

Our next Social meeting will be at 2:00 p.m. on  July 13, 2022 in the lounge for this meeting only.  Our usual meeting time is 1:00.

Mark your calendars for the rest of our awesome 2022 plans packed with plenty of parties and events:

July 17         Concert in the Park (with the Stingrays again!)  Ravinia style - bring your own
                   lunch/early dinner and a food truck (Kiki's) will be available to buy popcorn, lemonade
                   (including flavors and sugar-free), snow cones and cotton candy
August 3         Eating out
Sep 10          Bazaar - crafters, vendors, rummage sale, & bake sale
Sep 15          Eating Out
Oct 28          Halloween Party 
Nov 11          Veteran's Day Party
Nov 26          Deck the Halls
Dec 10          Christmas Party
Dec. ?           Caroling hay ride - date TBD depending on weather closer to event

Plus additional mall trips TBD.  Keep your eye on the Communique and this site for changes to the above list as the year goes on (if any).

Please come to our meetings as a guest.  If you are new, this is a chance to meet a group of fun, welcoming residents, plus you will have a finger on and be part of the social events in our community.  Even if you do not feel like committing to joining Social right now, we can always find a place for you to help.

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